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Desert Island Books with Chris McDonald

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Montague Island is a fictional island off the coast of Cumbria that was created by M.W. Craven for his book The Curator. Bookends Book Club invite one author and one reader each week to do a desert island discs style session but with a book-themed twist.

Chris McDonald and I were invited to choose our favourite 7 books, an album, a film, a meal and of course, a luxury item each to take on the island with us. Find out all about Chris's latest book launches, why he cries at musicals, who's going to be cooking our daily roast dinner and a little bit about my current work in progress here. This was a really fun session with lots of laughs, and we hope you enjoy it! There are lots more sessions to come, so please join Bookends Book Club to find out more.


A desert island with a white sandy beach, palm trees and beautiful ocean.

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