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Deadly fires are lighting up Brighton, and the latest case is alarmingly close to home for DC Eve Starling. The blaze was deliberately set, and a mother and daughter didn’t make it out of the smoke. Eve’s investigation takes her deep into her own uncomfortable past. When her key witness disappears, and with the killer always one step ahead, Eve is desperate to solve the case – whatever the cost. But Eve has no idea how close she is to the flames, and playing with fire can get you burned…

"addictive read" - The Sun

"this pacy, twisty thriller is a real page-turner" - Fabulous Magazine

"suspenseful and gripping" - Heat Magazine

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Jane Casey, author of The Killing Kind

"A confident, action-packed debut that expertly hints and misleads while telling a gripping story of love, loss and murder."

Gytha Lodge, author of A Killer in the Family

“It’s a terrific procedural with real emotional clout. I couldn’t stop reading as the sizzling plot unfolded.”

Amanda Jennings, author of The Haven

"Packed full of all the twists and turns a reader wants in a thriller. This is a page-turning novel that deserves to be read and enjoyed by many."

Russ Thomas, author of Cold Reckoning

“A brilliantly compelling page-turner, full of twists and turns, secrets and lies... I raced through it!”

Claire Allan, author of In The Dark

"A brilliant book, with first class characterisation. Twisty, heart-breaking and compelling."

Louise Jensen, author of The Intruders

“I raced through this gripping debut; DC Eve Starling is feisty, fearless and so relatable.”

Adam Hamdy, author of The Other Side of Night

"This accomplished debut delivers psychological tension as taut as any piano wire, and the twists and turns of a great procedural."

Susi Holliday, author of The Street

"Well plotted, perfectly paced and full of surprises – I can’t wait for the next one in the series."

Robert Rutherford, author of Seven Days

“A remarkably polished debut that brings a real fresh feel to the police procedural genre."

Rob Parker, author of the Thirty Miles Trilogy

“An enthralling mystery run through with trauma and redemption, carrying real freshness, sensitivity, surprises, and potency."

Tina Baker, author of What We Did in the Storm

“An astonishing debut and twisty tale with engaging characters, plenty of secrets. This writer is one to watch."

Jen Faulkner, author of What Goes Around

“What a debut! An incredible book with so many layers and an explosive ending. I loved it!”

Alison Belsham, author of the Detective Lexi Bennett series

"Smart writing, deft plotting, believable characters - everything you’d want from a debut and then some…"

T. Orr Munro, author of Slaughterhouse Farm

“Hard to believe this is a debut. Lots of twists and turns and a real 'I did not see that coming' moment at the end.”

Christie Newport, author of The Ordinary Man

"With twists galore, it’s a powerful story that kept me up late. The explosive ending delivers a sucker-punch!"

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