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12 Ways to Support a Debut Author During Their First Book Launch

Updated: Jun 7

Lots of lovely people have asked how they can support the launch of my first ever book, so I thought I'd share a few things that could really help make a difference to the success of a book - for any author you want to support! 🥰

Row of books on a bookshelf.

🔥 Buy the book (obviously!) 🤭 The Deadly Spark is currently 99p on Kindle for a limited time, and you can buy it for yourself or someone else (also available in paperback and audiobook!). All buy links are here 💸

🔥 If you can afford it, request the book at your local Waterstones, Blackwells, Foyles, WHSmith or independent book shop either in person or click and collect. They won't stock it in stores unless there's obvious demand from their customers 🛒

🔥 Got Spotify Premium? Listen to the audiobook with your 15 free hours - authors get royalties! 🎧

🔥 Request the book at your local library (paperback, ebook or audiobook). Not only do authors get royalties, but it helps get it in front of new readers 📚

🔥 Review the book in as many places as you can - Amazon, Waterstones, Goodreads and Audible are the main ones, and it doesn't need to be long. This will help new readers trust that they'll like the book ✏️

🔥 User generated content is lovely and authors can share it on their social channels so if you own the book, please share photos online! 📸

🔥 Follow authors on social media, like and share their content if you are happy to. I'm @RoxieAdelleKey on Instagram, Threads and X, RoxieKeyAuthor on TikTok and Roxie Key - Author on Facebook 📱

🔥 Tell people about the book, who you think might enjoy it. If you're in a book club, could you suggest it? Many authors will happily do a Q&A with them - myself included! 💬

🔥 Think further afield. If you know anyone who lives outside of the UK, The Deadly Spark ebook and audiobook is available (in English) on every Amazon website worldwide 🌎

🔥 Sign up to author newsletters. Mine can be found at and you'll get a monthly roundup of bookish news 📰

🔥 Lots of authors love doing events! If you have any contacts at libraries, bookshops, book clubs, local or national press, radio, TV, blogs, book events organisers, please feel free to introduce me and say nice things 🥰

🔥 And remember, books make great gifts, so if someone has a birthday coming up, please consider treating them to a copy of the book 🎁

Thank you so much to everyone who has already bought The Deadly Spark and who are busy spreading the word ♥️

Have you got any other ideas for ways to support a debut author? Share them in the comments!


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